Yuqing Zhu’s Theory Lab @ Pomona College

Studying what makes the brain compute!

(We think it involves spikes…)


coming soon, but first a brief definition:

spikes: also known as action potentials, these are rapid electrical signals that neurons generate to communicate with one another.

they’re called spikes because that’s the shape of the plot! (specifically the plot of the neuron’s membrane voltage over time.)

in this lab we build models of the brain with spiking neurons, and we conduct experiments on those models to create theories of how the brain computes.


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zhu et al. 2023 is about how changes in inhibitory connectivity are crucial for spiking neural network models to learn even a simple task

bojanek & zhu et al. 2020 is about how three-neuron (triangle) patterns support stable activity in spiking neural network models.


yuqing zhu, phd

ulas ayyilmaz

ivyer qu

antara krishnan

dora li

patrick liu