Yuqing Zhu, PhD

hello! i’m yuqing, the director of this lab and a visiting assistant professor in the neuroscience department at pomona college. I completed my phd with jason maclean at uchicago. i’m fascinated by how networks of neurons in the brain work together to perform computations, and i’m working with my team to find out a little more 🙂 i also make art.

Ulas Ayyilmaz

I am a senior who is a Computer Science major with an interest in Neuroscience. I hail from Turkey, and am hoping to use my CS degree to understand the brain better. I’m currently the captain of the All-Gender Volleyball Club, am a Peer Advisor at the Career Development Office, involved in the Turkish Student Association and the International Student Mentorship Program. You’ll find me playing volleyball, sunbathing on a grass lawn and reading a book or swimming at the pool. 🙂

Ivyer Qu

hello! I’m ivyer, a junior at pomona majoring in neuroscience. I’m interested in how we can build and train models of the brain in bio-realistic ways. Beyond spikes, I enjoying reading, recipe development, bodies of water, and scrawbling with fountain pens.

Antara Krishnan

Hi, I’m Antara and I’m from the SF bay! I love ceramics, physics, neuroscience, and climbing trees. Fun fact: I took a gap year and worked on a couple farms around the US!

Jiayue Dora Li

Hi, I am Dora (not an explorer) and I am from Shanghai. Cognitive Neuroscience is my major, and I love learning about how human brain functions and why we think the way we are. I enjoy traveling and dancing. My favorite season has always been summer, very excited for this one <3

Huaze Patrick Liu

Hi, I’m Patrick! I’m a junior at Harvey Mudd majoring in Computer Science & Math. I’m interested in using algorithms to visualize and understand the brain’s workings such as how different regions are functionally connected, how blurred brain images can be reconstructed, or how brain dynamics can be simulated. Outside of work, I usually spend time on road trips and poker. Even though not skilled at poker, I am fascinated by the potential of using algorithms and machine learning to develop strategies for optimal decision-making in the game.

the team in april 2024: